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Talking Points

for well reasoned debates 

Conversational Facts

Below is a growing list of fast facts that you may wish to use when writing or calling your Senator, or discussing the matter with citizens who may feel differently than you do about extending FPUC Payments.

We are currently working to update this page.

Our most up to date talking points can be found in the Google Doc or on the Current Strategy Page.

 Kids with  Masks

The Basics

Laying the groundwork

Playing Guitar for Money

The Full $600 is the demand.

$200 is unacceptable. Here's Why.


Base unemployment is not a liveable wage

The stats by state

Cutting Unemployment Insurance is an attack on BIPOC Populations

Rising COVID-19 Numbers Make Employment Risky

The Entertainment Industry May Collapse

Parents Cannot Go Back To Work

PPP Plundered by Politicians

Many Are Still Excluded in Active Legislation

The Facts are in the Figures

Billionaires have increased their wealth during COVID-19

The Immunocompromised Are Especially At Risk

Staying Home Saves Lives

Certain Industries Are Hit Particularly Hard

Sixty Percent of Restaurants Have Closed Permanently

Ending the FPUC $600 Payment Will Tank the Economy

Flaws of The American Workforce Rescue Act


Common Arguments

for the "find something new" types 

Common Arguments

IF they say...

"UI should be a percentage of people’s previous income"

IF they say...

“Just Get a Job” or “Find Something New”

IF they say...

"FPUC disincentivizes people from going back to work”

IF they say...

"Extending the FPUC will destroy our economy.”

IF they say...

“We plan to offer a second stimulus and Back to Work bonuses.”

IF they say...

"People Are Refusing to Work..."

IF they say...

"But the $600 is Just Too Much."

IF they say...

"The Economy is Reopening. Everything is Fine."

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