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Write your Legislators

Make it personal

Write your legislator directly using the form on their website OR create your own form letter to make it easier for more people to reach out to legislators about your cause. There are many free services for setting up a letter campaign and they make it so easy. We used Action Network. Our example is below. You are still welcome to use this form and rewrite the letter for any cause.

Use our tool below to easily send a letter to your Legislators.  Urge them to pass further relief focused on pandemic unemployed workers.

Letter Last Updated: 8.24.2021

  • Feel free to personalize, change, and add your personal story to the letter.

  • A personalized salutation and sign off will be added automatically for you.  

  • Delete our letter altogether and write your own, if you'd like! You can still use our tool to have it delivered straight to your Senator.

  • After you write, please make sure to follow up by CALLING your Senator. We have a script and numbers for you and the process takes just under three minutes.

***Please note, the prefix selections provided ARE generated BY EACH senator’s office. We do not ENdorse the lack of inclusivity.***

Thank you for writing!

When you're done,

click for more steps you can take.

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