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Use our tool below to easily send a letter to your Senator.  Urge them to extend the $600 and pass a comprehensive pandemic relief bill focused on the needs of The People NOW.

  • If you are able, it is best to add your own story and change the subject line of this email to personalize it. This requires staffers to actually read your letter.

  • If you want to send this one as is, that's fine too! Form letters are tallied by staffers.

  • A personalized salutation and sign off will be added automatically for you.  

  • Delete our letter altogether and write your own, if you'd like! You can still use our tool to have it delivered straight to your Senator.

  • After you write, please make sure to follow up by CALLING your Senator. We have a script and numbers for you and the process takes just under three minutes.

***Please note, the prefix selections provided ARE generated BY EACH senator’s office. We do not ENdorse the lack of inclusivity.***

Thank you for writing!

When you're done,

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