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We are so thrilled you’re here.  Writing a Letter to the Editor is an incredibly powerful tool in getting your voice heard. Your legislators care a lot about what is written about them in local paper, since that is what their voters read. There is a chance your legislator will read your story directly. Plus, it brings the cause to other people’s attention and hopefully inspires them to join you in action. 

Op-Ed VS Letter to the Editor:

Letters to the Editor are easier to place and easier to write, but they are usually limited to 250 words. If you want to write something longer, here are some tips for writing an Op-Ed.

How Do I do it?

Find your local paper

You may already get a local paper, but if you don't and need help finding yours, you can simply google “______ area newspaper” or similar for other sources.  Also consider sources you personally consume every day.

reach out

Most news outlets will have a "Contact Us" page.  If it’s not in an obvious place on their website, check the footer at the bottom.  On their "Contact Us" page they should list either:

  • A general submissions email

  • A specific Letter to the Editor email address.

  • A Letter to the Editor submission tool. 

If they have a submission tool:

It will walk you through the steps. Make sure to have your letter all ready to copy and paste into the context box. Most of them have character or word limits so be sure to check before you copy it over!

IF email, YouR email should include:

  • A friendly hello and brief introduction to you and your letter's purpose.

  • Your contact information (name, email, and phone number)

  • Your Letter to the Editor in full.

  • Feel free to include a link to ExtendPUA.org

Tips for Your Letter

  • Most LTEs are limited to 250 words or less so make sure to check your word count!

  • Start with your personal story or situation.  Try to be specific and honest.  And keep it short!  

  • Move into how your story fits into the bigger picture.  Is your whole industry frozen?  Are there other people in your same situation?  There are over 30 million of us in this together, after all.

  • Why is this important right now? 

    • Over 19 million people are still unemployed, and over 25 million ARE still grappling with the loss of the FPUC in July.

  • Go into what you want done about this situation.

    • We need a relief bill that includes a retroactivity solution, extending and expanding UI, UA, and FPUC benefits, direct aid, and healthcare and rent relief. 

  • Make sure you call out your legislators by name in your letter, urging them to help.

  • Mention how others can get involved in reaching out to their legislators on this issue at ExtendPUA.org

  • Please feel free to use any of our talking points that help you with your letter.

**We think it is critical for everyone to know about this issue AND for them to take action, which is why we created this resource. Please make sure to mention that people can find more information and ways to help at ExtendPUA.org**

Need more help?  Reach out to us.


Sample Letter

Use ours as a template to create your own.

**We think it is critical for everyone to know about this issue AND for them to take action, which is why we created this resource. Please make sure to mention that people can find more information and ways to help at ExtendPUA.org**

Template Update in Progress and Coming by 11.24.20


anything highlighted in blue needs [to be personalized]

  • State-by-state weekly unemployment payout, living wage & unemployment numbers [$xxx] are here

Letter Draft:


To The Editor:


I am one of the millions of Americans affected by the COVID relief passed by Congress in December. Though the omnibus bill spared me from losing everything over the holidays, it is not enough to keep me and millions of other Americans afloat in 2021. If the new Congress doesn’t act soon, we will be left out to dry as the pandemic continues to rage on.


[If PUA/PEUC is not personal to your situation, an alternate first paragraph is: 

12 million Americans were spared a financial cliff when Congress passed further pandemic relief in December, but it wasn’t enough. We must demand more relief for working people as the pandemic continues to rage on.]


Further pandemic relief must include a retroactive solution. When legislators allowed the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) $600 liveable wage supplement to expire in July, 26 million unemployed workers were left to rely on their base benefits. In [State] the average payment is just [$xxx], before taxes, which is [$xxx] below the weekly living wage and nowhere near enough to cover rent, health insurance, groceries, and utilities. By omitting retroactivity in continued unemployment assistance, Congress is placing the financial burden of their inaction on the American people.


[Tell your story briefly here.] I’m terrified, and I’m sick of begging for relief from the government that I fund with my taxes.


There are [XXX,XXX state-ers] still out of work due to COVID-19, which doesn’t include those who have had to drop out of the workforce to take care of their families during this national crisis. Lost jobs will not come back until the pandemic is under control, but U.S. cases continue to rise exponentially. 


[Insert your Senators and Representatives names here] must act NOW to pass further comprehensive pandemic support, including a retroactivity solution, extending and expanding UI, PUA and FPUC benefits, direct aid, healthcare and rent relief.



[Name, City, State]

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