Call Your LEgislators.

Ring, Ring. Pandemic Phone.

1. Find your Senator or Congressperson's Number.

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2. Use one of our scripts

Calling is easy and low pressure.

Updated 3.13.21

A staff member will answer your phone call or you will be sent to leave a voicemail.

Keep your call short and concise so more people can get through and BE KIND to these staffers, even if they work for a Senator that it not being kind to us. Kindness goes a long way in getting them to listen and actually send along the message.  Make sure you read this script and fill in the blue bits before calling!

"Hello. My name is (your name) and I am a constituent from (your zip code/city) calling with  
Thank you so much for taking my call. 


(We strongly encourage you to insert a sentence or two about your personal story here. What was your job? What is your situation due to the lack of the $600 or any additional federal support August-December? How much you receive in UI? What are you losing/what will you lose? How much debt are you in? Why wasn't December relief enough?) 


Thank you so much for passing the American Rescue Plan. It is necessary and important. Unfortunately, the plan still leaves massive holes for Americans who have been unemployed or underemployed throughout this crisis, especially those without children. I need the Senator (or Congressperson) to ensure our needs will be met in the next bill.


That bill should include:

  • PUA and PEUC extended with additional weeks until the crisis is over with automatic stabilizers;

  • tax cancellation for all UI and PUA payments in 2020 and 2021;

  • robust healthcare and rent relief;

  • and a refundable tax credit to all affected workers that compensates for the lack of retroactive FPUC from August-December.

Continued relief and reform is needed, but we also need compensation for the complete lack of government action for most of 2020. Unemployed Americans are drowning in the debt incurred in this pandemic. Please support this further relief for those of us who suffered job loss through no fault of our own. It's imperative Democrats uphold the mandate given to them by voters.

Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you getting this message to the Senator (or Congressperson).

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We also have talking points and separate specific scripts targeted specifically to Democrats and Republicans separately!