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ThiS is personal

We're in the same boat was founded by two members of the entertainment industry. We are both currently unemployed due to the pandemic and surviving on PUA and PEUC ourselves.


We made and maintain this resource to create awareness, empower workers, and promote tangible action around an issue that is affecting not only us, but over 21 million people who are currently unemployed and being abandoned by the US government. Our work and our community has grown enormously in the last 9 months. We meant to start a letter campaign and now we've met with dozens of Senators and formed coalition partnerships with some incredible organizations. Check out our 2020 Year in Review and our press coverage.


Check back for updates and more actions as we work tirelessly to build this movement from the ground up.  It is important to us and we appreciate your help in this fight.  It is a fight that we shouldn’t have to be in, but we are so proud to be fighting it with all of you.


We're looking forward to connecting with you. 

- Stephanie & Grant, December 2020

And Our Core Team: Julienne, Paul, Kathryn, Sarah, Mandie, Joe, Kylee, & Corey.

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