This one is personal

We're in the same boat was founded by two members of the entertainment industry who are both currently unemployed due to the pandemic and were surviving on the $600/week FPUC payments.


We made and maintain this resource to create awareness, empower workers, and promote tangible action around an issue that is affecting not only us, but over 30 million people who are currently unemployed and about being abandoned by the US government. Our work and our community has grown enormously in the last 4 months. We meant to start a letter campaign and now we've met with over 30 Senators.


Check back for updates and more actions as we work tirelessly to build this movement from the ground up.  It is important to us and we appreciate your help in this fight.  It is a fight that we shouldn’t have to be in, but we are so proud to be fighting it with all of you.


We cannot wait to collaborate with you. 

- Stephanie & Grant

And Collaborators: Julienne, Paul, Mandie, Kylee, Brian, Corey, Katie, Sarah, Jill, Joe, Margaret, Abbe, Emma, Joanna, Pete, Marian, Savannah, Andrew, Josh, Jimmy, Will, Greg, Shanna, Atum, Christine, Ben, Lindsey, Adam, Katherine, Sal, Diana, Nicole, Alice, Mandie, Mercedes, Luke, Taylor, Alex, John, Connor, Jackie, Cathay, Devonne, Claire, Nikki, Adrian, Damien, Mike, Bre, Tracy, Chau and the Ciaooo Magazine team, Colin and the Courier Newsroom team, Michael at Stage Directions.

Coalition Partners: National Independent Venue Association, National Independent Talent Organization, Main Street Alliance, Live Events Coalition (National and various Locals), We Make Events, Music Workers Alliance, Recording Academy, Unemployed Action, Restaurant Organizing Project, Restaurant Workers United, IHRSA, Art House, League of Historic Theatres, National Association of Theatre Owners, Various IATSE Locals, Spaces in Action, and more.

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