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Here are our tips for how to get some help, compiled from our community's personal experiences:

1. Check with your state's Department of Labor (DOL).

If you have a question about your claim, first check their website and see if they have put out an announcement that relates to your question and also check the updates and Question and Answers sections if your DOL has those. Some DOL's also have social media accounts for timely updates on Facebook and Twitter. Some people have actually gotten claim questions answered that way. Lastly, you can absolutely call your state’s Department of Labor with your question.

2. Call your Elected Representatives.

Call your elected representatives local offices and ask if they have a casework agent or constituent advocacy department that can help you receive your benefits. Many do and they can expedite your claim.

Who Can You Call?

  • Your US Senators and Representative's Office (All info here:

  • Your Governor's Office

  • Your State Senators and Representatives

  • Your Local Representatives

3. Check Facebook and reddit for Community Help.

Join your state's unemployment or PUA group on Facebook. These groups are NOT official avenues for help, but other people who have been in your situation in your state might be able to help you with advice. Many of these are listed in the help doc at You can also check the Reddit forum here.

4. Get Legal Help.

If you are not receiving benefits and you should be or you are having an issue with your claim and unable to solve it through the Department of Labor, see if there's a legal aid society in your area for free legal help by clicking here.

5. Pitch Press on your situation.

One of our community members received immediate help from her state's "unemployment guru" after being highlighted in a news story about people who had not received benefits. See tips for pitching your local press here.​

If you have another tactic or advice that helped you deal with a claim issue, please let us know via email at so we can share that with others on this page.

Unfortunately, we are NOT able to answer specific individual claim questions as we are not lawyers, government officials, or case agents.


For other help, please check our assistance resource:

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