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"UI should be a percentage of people’s previous income"

States Need It Kept Simple

  • Even with the current FPUC payments, states struggled for weeks and months to deliver benefits to their citizens. In debating the original CARES act, legislators discovered a more tailored system was not possible, based on states’ current unemployment systems.

  • People are already camping out for days to start receiving unemployment checks.

  • 50,000,000 claims to date have backlogged the systems. Tens of thousands of workers from major corporations may be looking at layoffs - which will only exacerbate the problem.

  • The Department of Labor published a report about issues encountered with the rollout of the CARES Act, which detailed issues from antiquated computer systems and low staff levels, both of which have started to be addressed in various states since the onslaught of applications have flooded in.

  • This argument doesn’t account for millions of individuals with complicated work history including job changes, freelance work, and personal situations within the last year.

  • And for those that think this means they will recieve more money, that isn't true.  The wage replacement proposal caps the FPUC supplement at $500.

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