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this is an entirely volunteer led effort

There are many other causes to support first but, if you're able, we appreciate any small donation to support was founded by two members of the entertainment industry who are both currently unemployed due to the pandemic and were surviving on the $600/week FPUC payments.

When we realized that our industry is unlikely be return until 2021 and the Senate was deliberately delaying a critical payment for us and 30 million other people in this same position, we knew we had to do something.  We wanted to provide a place people could go for straightforward information and clear ways to take action.

This isn't supported by a Political Action Committee. We're two people in a basement (sometimes we’re allowed out in the yard… it’s nice) and a handful of collaborators across the US.

After we cover costs (postage, web and domain hosting, automation services, random office expenses that keep piling up to keep up with user growth, etc), donations received are used to grow the organization and anything extra is split among the unemployed organizers and volunteers who help to make this movement larger.  

If you've got a direct request for how your money might best be used, shoot us an email at

Thank you for considering a donation. We really appreciate it.


Stephanie Freed & Grant McDonald

Co-Directors & Two Unemployed People

Donations to are personal gifts and not tax-deductible. is a pending 501(c)(4) Non-Profit organization. 

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