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Thank you for considering a donation

this is an entirely volunteer led effort is entirely self-funded by our unemployed founders and through donations of generous supporters like you. 


we currently have spent incredibly modestly, but are still in the red. Any amount is helpful. was founded by two members of the entertainment industry who are both currently unemployed due to the pandemic and were relying on the $600/week FPUC payments before the program expired in July.

We created because we wanted to provide a place people could go for straightforward information and clear ways to take action to demand the pandemic relief we all need and deserve. The organization has grown exponentially quickly and beyond our expectations. The need for this work is massive and we will not stop.

This isn't supported by a Political Action Committee. We have 0 paid staff. We're two people in our apartments (which we're both about to lose) and a handful of collaborators across the US.

After we cover costs (web and domain hosting, automation services, postage, office and program expenses that keep piling up to keep up with user growth, etc), donations received are used to grow the organization.

With the modest money we have spent so far we have:

Cultivated resources:

• Our website provides information and resources for people to advocate to their elected officials directly.

• There are tools, scripts, and contact sheets for calling, emailing, writing, and tweeting elected officials.
• Additionally we connect people to the press and organize events and activation days.

Spoken out with constituents:
• Lobbyists and Corporations should not have the loudest voices in our elected officials' ears. We have set up 30 meetings directly with Senators and their staff, bringing over 100 constituents to tell their stories.
• Followed those meetings up with letters from our organization and written and video stories from constituents, sharing a total of 300 stories so far. We have constant contact with several offices.
built Community and Coalitions:
• Held several community meetings to share information, answer people’s questions, and provide a space for community.
• Collaborated to organize 5 national days of action, giving a speech outside the Capitol at the first.
• Partnered with national and local organizations across the aisle and across the nation.

• Cultivated dozens of national news media placements to encourage and empower others to advocate, as well as share our community’s stories.

See our 2020 Year in Review here and our press coverage here.

If you've got a direct request for how your money might best be used, shoot us an email at In the event we receive donations significantly outweighing projected costs, we will create a community grant fund.

Thank you for considering a donation. We really appreciate it.


Stephanie Freed & Grant McDonald

Co-Directors & Two Unemployed People


Donations to are personal gifts currently directly to the organizers and not tax-deductible. is a pending 501(c)(4) Non-Profit organization. 

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