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The Immunocompromised Are Especially At Risk

  • The business model of many large industries is built on sharing common experiences, including breathing the same air. The backbone of the live event, fitness, hospitality, and travel industry (to name a few) is built on that shared experience.

  • Right now, we need to share less, so that we can get the virus under control. 

  • The CARES Act (including PUA) allows the millions employed in these industries to act responsibility and stay closed, curtailing the spread.

  • The COVID-19 death rate is 12 times higher for people with underlying conditions.

  • Without UI, people are being asked to choose work or possibly their life, and, in some cases, the life they are risking isn’t their own.

  • Workers with family members who are immunocompromised are just as worried about going back to work in order to meet their basic needs as they are about unintentionally bringing home a virus that could kill their loved one.

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