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Meet With your senator

Tell your story in a virtual meeting is no longer setting meetings with Senators.

Tips for how to set up your own are below!

Did you know anyone can set up a meeting with your Senator? took constituents to meet with over 40 US Senators' offices 2020-2021. We're normal citizens, not paid lobbyists!

Here's how we did it:

1. Find the email address of your Senator's scheduling director. It is often online. If you are struggling to find it, feel free to email us - we have a database that contains most of them.

2. Email the schedule director with a request to meet with your Senator. In that request state:

Your purpose

Who you are and who will be attending the meeting.

Specifics about where (zoom or office) and when you'd like to meet. Tips:
1. Assemble a group of constituents. Senators are more likely to meet with a group than they are with one person. If you can loop in a constituent that has some clout or get a diverse group together, even better! Make sure to include that information in your email. 

2. State your purpose for needing to meet with the Senator and make it compelling! (If you'd like to see the template we wrote and used, just email us!)

3. You will likely be passed off to a member of the Senators staff and not meet with the Senator directly. This is okay!

Join Extendpua in a senate meeting


We previous set meetings with legislators to demand they meet the needs of their pandemic unemployed constituents.

Stories directly from constituents changed the narrative.

If you're not comfortable speaking, that's okay. We would still love to have you attend in solidarity with those sharing their stories; please sign up. As meetings become available, we will email you the date and time.

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