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The Basics

The FPUC payment (providing an additional $600/wk to everyone who is actively claiming unemployment) expired July 25. The House has proposed an extension of the benefit until January 2021 through the Heroes Act, but this has been ignored in the Senate. The current Replican proposal, the HEALS Act, does not adequately address many aspects of relief legislation, and is an unacceptable solution. Here is a breakdown of how HEROES and HEALS compare against the movement.

A recent Morning Consult poll showed that 75% of registered voters support either maintaining or raising the unemployment insurance benefits.



They are students who are having to drop out of school, parents who cannot support their families, people in frozen industries (hospitality, sports, events, and entertainment), freelancers who aren’t eligible for regular unemployment insurance, high risk individuals unable to work, and on and on. is not a source of legal advice or counsel. All information contained on is an educational tool. Where specific facts are referenced, every effort has been made to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the information presented. Occasionally our information will become out of date because of the rapidly evolving nature of the movement. If you spot something out of place, please contact us at

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