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The Facts are in the Figures

Senators make $174,000/year in salary alone. If the PUA $600/wk benefit is extended, a self employed individual or family relying on PUA during this pandemic might have to survive on $27,300 for the year, after taxes. That’s IF the Senate extends the $600/wk benefit for an entire year. Can you, Senator, imagine living with that income? How about without it? 

If Congress does not extend the $600/wk benefit, self employed individuals and families will have to survive 10 months of pandemic on a maximum of $6,825.* See our breakdown of livable wages and why the FULL $600 is the demand here.

Unemployment is still over 11%.

Updated July 2, 2020 at 8:30am.

59% of CEOs tell Fortune that they have implemented hiring freezes.

According to the DOL, 1.5 million NEW unemployment claims were filed last week and there were 728,120 new claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

These numbers will continue to worsen as states enter Phase Regressions and begin rolling back job opportunities.

The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending July 4 was over 31.8 million.

*Our math: The $600 is $525 in my bank after taxes.  $525 x 52 weeks is $27,300.  Currently The FPUC only exists for 13 weeks which would be $6,825. is not a source of legal advice or counsel. All information contained on is an educational tool. Where specific facts are referenced, every effort has been made to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the information presented. Occasionally our information will become out of date because of the rapidly evolving nature of the movement. If you spot something out of place, please contact us at

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