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We're always looking for new collaborators. Everything below is just a bunch of positions that made us feel smart to ask for. We're genuinely looking for anyone who's united in the cause and thinks they have something to offer.

If you have another way you think you could contribute, reach out to

Thank you! 

- Stephanie & Grant

A shout and out a HUGE thank you to our current team:

Kylee, Joe, Julienne, Emma, Abbe, Katie, Corey, Andrew, and Margaret 


And our Collaborators and Contributors: Jill, Joanna, Pete, Marian, Savannah, Jimmy, Will, Greg, Shanna, Atum, Christine, Ben, Lindsey, Adam, Katherine, Sal, Diana, Nicole, Mandie, Mercedes, Luke, Taylor, Alex, Josh, John, Connor, Jackie, Cathay, Devonne, Claire, Nikki, Adrian, Damien, Mike, Bre, Tracy, and Harry.

Graphic Designer

Legal Advisors

Research Associates

Social Media Warriors

Industry Advocates

Press Coordinator

Researching Extending FPUC Events

Video Editor

Influencer Bridges

Proofreader/Fact Checker

Social Media Managers

Visual Researcher

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