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We've Got You.  Last updated 7.21.21

The American Rescue Plan, while beneficial, leaves massive holes for unemployed workers. We need:

-A direct payment to compensate for FPUC lapse

-Full UI/PUA tax forgiveness

-Automatic stabilizers

American will not see a full recovery until it makes workers who have been unemployed for an entire year, through no fault of their own, whole. American Recovery must include:

-A direct payment to compensate for FPUC lapse

-Full UI/PUA tax forgiveness

-Automatic stabilizers

Archived Tweets for Ideas:

Pandemic Assistance Should Continue Until the Pandemic is Over. No more arbitrary cut off dates and relief must be retroactive. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA


The new Congress & administration must pass more relief and it must include additional PEUC, PUA, and FPUC weeks, the full $600, and a retroactivity solution. Join me in signing the petition to #SaveOurWorkers.


To save our economy, we must save our workforce. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering and in debt due to the government's inaction for the last 6 months. #SaveOurWorkers


The new Congress & administration must pass more relief and it must include additional PEUC, PUA, and FPUC weeks, the full $600, a retroactivity solution, direct aid, and healthcare & rent relief. @ExtendPUA #SaveOurWorkers


A fight for $2,000 isn't enough after over 6 months of government inaction

It was never enough.We need retroactive relief payments AND continued comprehensive Worker First relief until the pandemic is over. Sign the petition.


.@Senator _____ Extend the $600 until the pandemic is over, expand the PUA to those excluded, support state agencies to pay out backlogged claims, & provide retroactive relief, healthcare relief, & rent relief. @ExtendPUA #SaveOurWorkers

@ _______ Our lives depend on this. We’re making our voices heard. Are you? @ExtendPUA #SaveOurWorkers #DoNotAbandonUS

on Retroactvity and unemployment

.@Senator_____ The FPUC expired in July, leaving 26 million people stranded without it. At the end of Dec the FPUC was reinstated with no acknowledgement of those 5 months of inaction. We need retroactive relief now. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA

The FPUC has been allowed to expire due to inaction on the part of the people we elected. Over 25 million people have struggled since. We need retroactive assistance. What are you doing to help, @Senator____?  @ExtendPUA #SaveOurWorkers

.@Senator_______ we went 20 weeks without expanded FPUC coverage, during that time we buried ourselves deeper in debt trying to keep food on the table. Why are Americans paying the price because Congress didn’t do your job? @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


It took 20 weeks for congress to pass the extra $300/wk FPUC. @Senator_______ do you have $6000 I can borrow? Asking for 10.7 MILLION friends #INeedHelp @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveOurWorkers #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ we can't go back to work until the pandemic is over and we can’t live on $300/wk for 11 weeks. We’re doing our part, do yours. #INeedHelp @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveOurWorkers


@Senator_______ can you live on ¼ your total income for over 6 months? I can’t either. #SaveOurWorkers Pass retroactive relief. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC


@Senator_______ Americans will not survive the debt incurred in this pandemic if our government does not provide compensation for their complete lack of action for most of 2020. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ @JoeBiden economic recovery won’t be possible without retroactive FPUC payments, eviction protection, and help for state and local governments #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ @JoeBiden Choosing between unsafe working conditions and starvation isn’t a choice #DirectAidNow #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

@JoeBiden Starting January 20 will you direct congress to give American workers the help we need to make it through this pandemic? Save the $600, save our state and local governments, save gig workers #SaveOurLives  #DirectAidNow #INeedHelp @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

on Direct Aid

@Senator_______ @JoeBiden Many of us who kept our jobs during the pandemic are facing reduced hours, reduced wages, and reduced medical coverage. $1200 doesn’t begin to help, we need #DirectAidNow #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ Over 50 million unemployed and underemployed Americans have no access to unemployment, we need more than $600 to keep our homes. We need continued and retroactive direct aid. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ No one can budget their way out of sudden loss of all income for 18 months. No one had 2 full years of income in their emergency fund. We need wage assistance and direct aid until that pandemic is over and we can start earning again #DoNotAbandonUs #SaveOurWorkers #INeedHelp @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

On Continued Assistance

@Senator_______ Entertainment, travel, and hospitality jobs won’t magically reappear on March 14; extend FPUC, PUA, and PEUC until the pandemic is over and significant recovery triggers are met. #DoNotAbandonUs #INeedHelp #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ more Americans are sick and dying than when the CARES act passed, job recovery has stopped. We need expanded and extended FPUC until the pandemic is over and we can go back to work. #INeedHelp #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ Face to face industries have no timeline for returning to work. Until we can earn, we need full FPUC to keep our homes, not $300 until March. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@JoeBiden Millions of Americans are doing their part to end the pandemic. Will you direct congress to do their part and restore Americans faith that our government cares about constituents struggling through the pandemic?

#SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

On Healthcare Relief

@Senator_______ Millions of Americans have lost their healthcare during a pandemic, millions more are at risk of losing coverage. Is this how the “Greatest Country in the World” takes care of its people? #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

On Rent and Mortgage Relief

@Senator_____ 40 million Americans are at risk of losing their homes during a pandemic. Extend the eviction moratorium through the end of the crisis and provide robust rent relief so people can stay in their homes. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA


@Senator_______ No one should lose their home during a global pandemic, and no landlord should be without the necessary income to remain financially stable for the properties they maintain. All Americans need rent and mortgage assistance. #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600


@Senator_______ People who can’t pay rent have landlords who can’t pay their mortgage. We all need help yesterday. Rent and Mortgage relief NOW!  #INeedHelp #SaveOurWorkers @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

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