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.@Senator ____ We need to see you support the $600 in full and demand negotiations continue with urgency until a comprehensive pandemic relief bill with a focus on The People is passed. Your constituents’ lives depend on it. #Savethe600 @ExtendPUA ExtendPUA.org


.@Sen _____ This is urgent. This is not politics, it is our lives. Millions of people are suffering.  I am one of them.  We need your help and we need it to be loud and to provide real solutions.  @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org


.@POTUS and @Senator_____, our inability to return to work is solely because there is a raging PANDEMIC that is claiming more lives today than when you passed CARES. Get back to the negotiating table and pass comprehensive pandemic relief NOW. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org


The FPUC has been allowed to expire due to inaction on the part of the people we elected. Over 25 million people are panicking right now. What are you doing to help, @Senator____?  @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org

Hey @Senator____, you and I both know Trump’s memorandum was nothing more than a PR stunt. Put down the summer reading and get back to the negotiating table. Millions of Americans are counting on you. #ExpandPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 #ReliefBeforeRecess @ExtendPUA


.@Senator____, you know we couldn’t care less about @realDonaldTrump's posturing, and we don’t care to give it more air time. Get back to the negotiating table and demand comprehensive pandemic relief TODAY. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 #ReliefBeforeRecess


.@RealDonaldTrump’s memorandum doesn’t have legal merit and isn’t realistic or executable. Let’s stop pretending that we even need to argue about it, @Senator_____ and get comprehensive pandemic relief passed NOW. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org


@Sen _____ The full $600 is the need. Extend FPUC and Expand PUA. Pandemic assistance should continue until the pandemic is over, not end as it’s getting worse. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org


.@Senator _____ Extend the $600 in full until the pandemic is over, expand the PUA to those excluded, support state agencies to pay out backlogged claims, & provide hazard pay/protections, healthcare relief, rent relief, & SBA. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org

@ _______ Our lives depend on this. We’re making our voices heard. Are you? @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 #ReliefBeforeRecess ExtendPUA.org

America's "For The People" government is looking an awful lot like it doesn't care very much about the People.  We need to see that you do. Now. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600 ExtendPUA.org

Quick Quips

Short nuggets pulled from our talking points


Parents are not able to return to work when their children are not in school and without safe and affordable child care options. Forcing children back into dangerous conditions at school so their parents can work isn't the solution either. (Support: New York Times)


Billionaires and corporations have actually increased their wealth considerably during the pandemic and we’re debating whether we should give struggling individuals $600 per week. (Support: Our "Billionaires" talking point and this incredibly frustrating-to-see graphic).


Hundreds of billions of dollars have distributed by the federal government to giant corporations with zero oversight.  Individuals getting $600/wk to survive are not the problem.


Some Senators think $600/week is too much.  They make $3,346/week (and that’s just what they get from taxpayers).


75% of voters believe we should maintain or increase the current unemployment insurance. (Source: Morning Consult)

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