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Tuesday, Sept 1

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On September 1st the live entertainment and events community lit buildings across North America red, signaling the distress the industry is in due to COVID-19.  It was a beautiful display of solidarity. played our part, both as one of the hashtags (#ExtendPUA) and as a tireless advocate and information source for individuals' needs to be included in the messaging. We continue to advocate for a comprehensive relief bill with a focus on the individuals AND small businesses as detailed in our mission

Since the event in September, WeMakeEvents has focused primarily on RESTART, which is small business legislation, and has declined asks to amplify ExtendPUA's efforts and tools or the efforts of any of our industry partners.

We encourage all people inspired to light their buildings red, to follow that up with action at

How can Live Events workers take action?

<> Sign up to meet (virtually) with your Senator directly and tell your story.

<> Check out our toolkit for more ways to take action.

<> Send our easy letter to Congress here.

<> Follow @ExtendPUA to stay in the loop about future events, daily actions, and legislative updates.

<> Sign the Rescue Agreement here.

<> Join the conversation on social media today by:​​

  • Tweet why a WorkersFirst comprehensive relief bill is important for you and tag your representatives. Tool here.

  • Make sure you tag #ExtendPUA #ReliefNow #WeMakeEvents #DoNotAbandonUS

  • And make sure everyone is armed with the tools they need to take action by sharing with your posts.

We have a lot of exciting work still coming up.  Stay tuned by subscribing or following us @ExtendPUA

More Information on the RedAlert:


The goal of the RED ALERT is to raise public awareness and to demand the US government help by passing relief legislation for small businesses, in the form of the RESTART Act and by supporting our millions of unemployed workers with extended and expanded PUA and FPUC.  

#WeMakeEvents is an international movement for visibility for the Live Events Industry during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The UK had a large, successful RED ALERT on August 11th. This event on September 1st is led by their North American sector, which is focused on the passage of the RESTART Act for industry small businesses.  (What is RESTART? Check our page here.) has worked to supplement their messaging with the individual side of the legislative ask to provide a more whole version of the needs of the industry. 

we assistED with messaging, but we are not involved in the direct planning and do not have final oversight on the messaging they put out.

We also - as always - believe this is an all people problem - not just an events industry problem, but are excited to see the live events industry mobilizing and happy to help.


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