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Video assembled from industry member submitted materials. Thank you to our contributors.

Better with your sound on.

Full Concert

When people speak about their love of Nashville or Austin, their toes tap to music pouring out of open windows and rattling in basement venues.  New York’s lack of sleep is fueled by Broadway’s brightness. 

Theatre and concert tours light sparks throughout the country,

sitting briefly beside the glow of local artists’ bonfires. 


And it’s all at risk of disappearing. 


HEre's How

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Link helps you address an adaptable, arts-focused letter directly to your Senator about extending FPUC.

List of easy actionable steps to extend FPUC. Have an old headshot lying around? Give this action a go.

Crew Nation is providing global relief for music crews.

Concerts may not fully return until 2022. If you can, help today.

Link helps you address an adaptable arts focused letter directly to your Governor about extending FPUC.

If you're able, every bit goes a long way.

We hear those Disney+ Hamilton tickets were a steal.


Help us get the word out on your own social media pages.

To our audiences: We know we echo our colleagues when we say, we are thrilled to have spent our career bringing joy and entertainment to you. We love our jobs. But now we need your help. All forms of live entertainment are cancelled well into 2021.  Not only is that devastating for our spirits, it also means millions of us who create these experiences are currently completely unemployed.  We want to go back to work, but, with our entire industry shut down, we are relying on the FPUC $600/wk to survive.  We are performers, crew, management, venue staff, the list goes on and on for over 12 million jobs. 


We are an industry that contributes over $1 trillion into the economy. At 4.5% of the GDP, Arts and Entertainment is second only to retail. A collapse of our industry would ripple into restaurants, travel and transportation, hospitality, vendors, suppliers, landlords… that list goes on and on too.  For every $1 spent on a ticket at a small music venue, $12 are spent in the local economy on related services.


Venues are closing their doors, many permanently. Broadway is closed until 2021, setting a grim standard for many cultural institutions, and concerts are not expected back until possibly 2022.  Most live entertainment is yet to be seen in any states' phased reopening plans.  We were the first to close and it is undeniable that we will be the last to return.


We are mostly middle class workers who are typically ineligible for regular unemployment benefits because we qualify as self-employed freelancers. The rent, inexplicably, remains due. Bills need to be paid. Even those of us that are eligible for regular benefits cannot survive on the base unemployment rate in our state. The FPUC is critical to maintaining an Arts and Entertainment sector when this is all over.


To the industry: While millions of us are panicking, and while that fear is founded, we must recognize the tremendous privilege and opportunity we've been gifted in the microphone laid at our feet. We must pick it up and get loud, for our industry AND for those that don't have the access to begin with.  Over 30 million people are unemployed and suffering. Most of them are relying on the FPUC and many aren’t even eligible for UI at all under the current system. As the people with the mic, it’s important we speak up for everyone.

more of a numbers person? 

here are THE facts.

  • 96% of companies had to cut employees. (Source: PLSN)

  • 97.31% of freelancers stated they have lost their 1099 job(s) because of the pandemic. (Source: PLSN)

  • Broadway will be closed until at least January 2021.

  • Just from the Broadway shutdown alone, 5,000 industry jobs and 70,000 ancillary jobs have been affected. (Source: Broadway League)

  • Concert touring is not predicted to return in full swing until 2022.

  • Arts & Entertainment and Live Events account for over 12 million jobs.

  • Another 6.6 million jobs rely on Live Events (trade shows, events, conferences, weddings).



  • 90% of Austin, TX’s live music venues are expected to close permanently by Halloween without significant further relief from the feds. According to a survey of NIVA members, 90% of independent venues across the nation also report they will close permanently in a few months without federal funding. 

  • 12,000 Arts Institutions are not confident they will survive the pandemic.(Source: Americans for the Arts) 


  • Pollstar estimates a $9 billion loss in ticket sales alone - not counting food and beverage revenue - if venues remain closed through 2020.  

  • For every $1 spent on a ticket at small venues, a total of $12 in economic activity is generated within communities on restaurants, hotels, taxis, and retail establishments.

  • Live Events accounts for $1.1 TRILLION in gross production and $130 BILLION dollars in taxes.  (Source: Go Live Together)

  • Arts and Entertainment, specifically, contributes $877.8 BILLION in value and 4.5% of U.S. gross domestic product. (Source: Bureau for Economic Analysis)

  • Arts & Cultural Production is only second to retail in added GDP. (Source: Bureau for Economic Analysis)

  • America's non-profit arts industry generates $166.3 billion in economic activity every year, resulting in $27.5 billion worth of tax revenues.

  • ​In weddings alone, the industry has lost $32 billion in 2020 (Source: The Wedding Report)

  • With Broadway only shuttered for 42 weeks, $12 billion is missing from the NYC economy. (Source: Broadway League)

  • Arts & Cultural Production is only second to retail in added GDP. (Source: Bureau for Economic Analysis)

State by state information available through an incredible graphic resource from the National Association of States Arts Agencies.​​ 

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Want other ways to help? 




IATSE Letter.



Actors' Equity Letter


NIVA Save our Stages






Fundraiser for Immigrant Theatre Makers Impacted by the Pandemic


A. Mask.

Thank you. 

From all of us

(Millions of performers that don’t fit into one of these molds)

Audio Technicians

Camera Ops





Equipment Vendors



Merchandise Managers and Staff


Producer & General Management Offices

Production Managers

Properties Masters


Site Operation Managers


Video Technicians

Advertising & Press Agencies

Audio/Video Shops



Costume Designers

Design Studios


Front of House Staff


Lighting Designers





Rehearsal Studios

Set Designers

Sound Designers

Union Offices

Vocal/Dialect Coaches



Casting Directors

Company Managers

Costume Shops



General Managers

Hair/Makeup Designers

Lighting Gear Shops

Music Directors


Production Assistants

Project Managers


Set Dressers

Stage Managers



Associates and Assistants

Box Office Treasurers

Child Wranglers





General Stagehands

House Managers

Location Scout


Press Agents

Production Coordinators

Prop Designers

Scenic Shops


Talent Agencies and Managers

Video Designers

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