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We need to text workers in key states where the Senator is not supporting the relief bill that we so desperately need. We text them and ask them to help by calling their own Senator.  Senators primarily only care to hear from constituents so this is a better tactic than calling the Senators yourself. We also text to ramp up attendance at virtual events or protests!


Interested? Our partners at Unemployed Action will create an account for you based on the information you provide below and get you invited to the Slack channel.  Activism and community all in one!

When you sign up to a text campaign you will download the app Hustle.  On it, you will be paired with real people who live in specific target states and you will text with them about the need to call their Senators or attend events.


KY: McConnell | SC: Graham | OH: Portman | FL: Scott, Rubio | NC: Burr, Tillis | PA: Toomey | WI: Johnson | AZ: McSally | NY: Schumer | ME: Collins


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