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Write your Governor

The arts needs their support

Quick tips

Ensure your letter makes it through

Use our letter writing tool below to adapt our language to your voice and have it automatically sent to your appropriate Governor.  Urge them to extend the PUA benefits and include language about how this pandemic and the premature reopening of the economy disproportionately affects the Entertainment and Events Industries.


Extension of the PUA already passed the House and has been sitting in the Senate since May 15. We need Governors' help to put pressure on the Senate to take action the day they return. Governors are typically more responsive to voters' needs, and are sometimes stronger advocates that most civilians.


Thank you for making your voice heard.  Share this campaign with others!


  • If we all submit the same letter, it gets marked as spam and no one reads it. Please take a second to create a unique subject line and go through the email, editing and changing a few things.  A personalized salutation and sign off will be added automatically for you.  

  • You can tell your personal story at the beginning or end, before the “Thank You”

  • If you don’t want to share your personal story, we encourage you to incorporate something from our Talking Points, and our Entertainment page​.

  • Or delete our letter altogether and write your own! You can still use our tool to get it to your Governor. 

  • Keep in mind some government agencies have a character cap (it’s about 4000 characters).

***Please note, the prefix selections provided in these templates are automatically generated from available options from each senator’s office. We do not condone or appreciate the lack of inclusivity in this list (worth mentioning in your letter - we have).***

The Events and Entertainment Industry is disproportionately affected by this Pandemic.  We were the first industry to shut down in March and we will be the last to return. Write your legislators to urge them to support the arts in COVID-19 relief.  This includes getting Senators to extend the FPUC immediately.

Write your Governor to urge them to support the arts in COVID-19 relief legislation, and for them to put pressure on your Senators to do the same.

Thank you for writing!

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