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Dec 31 | 2020 In Review

Relief passed and states are already starting to implement some of the programs. (Bill details and updates here)

This is largely thanks to your advocacy.

We thank you all so much for advocating with us these last six months. It has been a whirlwind, but it has been our greatest honor to work with and get to know so many of you. You stood up and made your voice heard in a year that was incredibly difficult and we admire each of you. There is so much beauty in 2020 because of you.

We are looking forward to 2021. We know there is so much more to be done for people to truly survive and recover from this pandemic. We feel the power behind the movement we have all built together and we see enormous possibilities for change.

Happy New Years Eve.

Please check out our Year in Review below and keep scrolling for what's next, end of year actions, resources, and how to get help with your claim if you need it.

As most of you know, although the relief that just passed was much needed, it is not even close to enough. For more about why, read our statement here.

We will be continuing the fight for relief into 2021 with a focus on both extending and expanding 2021 relief and retroactivity to deal with the government inaction in 2020.

Now let’s end this mess of a year strong, ready to go into the next!


<> Sign up for our 2021 volunteer and engagement meeting on Monday at 6pm ET! We will be recruiting new team members and letting you all know what we have planned for the coming fight.

<> Share your story! We need personal stories about why the December bill just isn’t enough. Without retroactivity people aren’t able to backpay their bills and get out of debt, and with cases only mounting, we need more claims weeks and for expirations to be tiered off later than March.

<> Donate to our cause! All of our work so far has been funded out of our own unemployed pockets and supplemented with a few donations. We are currently in the red and will need more funds to grow the fight in 2021. Thank you so much to those of you who donated so far. We are so grateful for you making this work possible.

<> Today is the last day for early voting in Georgia - tell a friend there why we need to get rid of Perdue and Loeffler in order to gain more necessary relief.

<> Give us a follow on Twitter for the most timely updates. @ExtendPUA. You can also find updates at

For anyone needing assistance with a claim check

For all other assistance resources, check

In unity and solidarity, always,

Stephanie, Grant, & the Team

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