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Our messaging is from the heart and vetted with clarity and concision in mind. But because of the rapid need for information to be shared, sometimes we have typo's or our information becomes outdated. Keep us honest and on our toes without ever having to leave your couch.

IDEAL Requirements

We're looking for volunteers who a committed to giving us at least a few hours of their time. If you think you could help and don't meet the requirements, reach out anyway. We'll find a way to move this forward together.

Volunteer Based is an entirely volunteer based organization founded by two scrappy members of the Entertainment Industry. We do accept personal donations through our website, which are split among our volunteer base after covering incurred expenses. Since we cannot guarantee any form of payment, we are actively seeking collaborators on a volunteer basis as we fight for extended FPUC payments for all Americans. 

About us

Extend PUA was founded by two members of the entertainment industry who understand the need for continuing FPUC payments through the pandemic. Aligning with the over ONE million voices from this petition, we have been tirelessly working to build this resource from the ground-up. We can't wait to collaborate with you. 

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