Sept 2 | Let's GO

The question now is - Is there going to be a bill at all?

Current feedback from those on the Hill including insiders, staff, and lobbyists is that there is a possibility that they may not pass another relief bill at all because they cannot make a deal.

That's unacceptable.

It's time to unite all of the asks - all of the organizations, unions, coalitions, movements, and people - and push for a bill for us all.

Comprehensive relief for The People Now.

No more politics.

Stay tuned. We have actions coming for you.

But we especially encourage you to make your voice heard at this time.

Use the toolkit

Write. Call. Reach out to your local press.

We are arranging meetings with Senators' offices for constituents. Reach out to us and we will help you have a meeting with yours. We need to get to all of them, even those that are sympathetic to the cause. Today in a meeting a Congresswoman told us that they have to keep hearing from us - there is so much going on.

We will not let them forget us.

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