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Sept 10 | Senate bill failS & LWA Starts to Expire.

The Senate Republican "skinny" bill failed in the Senate. Not a single Democrat voted for it and 1 Republican, Rand Paul of Kentucky, opposed it as well. 60 votes are required and the final tally was 52 - 47.

More information and the full text of that bill is in our previous post.

The fact that almost all of the Republicans voted for it is progress only because some Republicans had been saying they wouldn't vote for ANY further relief packages.

This Republican bill was just grandstanding for voters and it seems no one expected it to pass.

We continue to be in a stalemate. Several groups including are pushing the urgency of getting a bill passed as soon as possible by holding meetings with Senators. We are inviting constituents to tell their stories directly to their Senators in virtual meetings to change the narrative and push the immediacy. This is really important and we cannot do it without you. Sign up here.

The LWA is being rolled out in more states, but it is also expiring in many states. Keep yourself up to date via your own state's DOL information or this private (not a government website) tracker. 5 states have paid out 6 weeks of payments and FEMA has cut them off from further funds.

It also continues to pull funds from FEMA's Disaster fund as wildfires rage in California, Oregon, and Washington and hurricane season continues.

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