Sep 28 | Coming soon: New House Bill

Update: In a meeting with Speaker Pelosi's office today we were told a new bill from the House will be released tonight.

We had meetings with 12 Senators last week, with 4-12 constituents telling their pandemic story in every meeting.

This included meetings with staff from Senators Graham (SC), T. Scott (SC), Alexander (TN), Portman (OH), Perdue (GA), McConnell (KY), Hawley (MO), Collins (ME), Gardner (CO), Kaine (VA), Wyden (OR), and Warren (MA).

All offices says a pandemic relief bill is important and at the top of their priority list, though as we know, they differ on what that bill should contain. We told stories of unemployment and pushed hard for the full $600, which is still a point of contention as well as all of the other asks in our mission.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes a COVID relief bill is still possible.

On Sunday, Speaker Pelosi announced that House Democrats are putting forth a new, smaller aid package that costs around $2.4 trillion. This bill will include unemployment benefits, direct payments to Americans, an increased Paycheck Protection Program for small business loans, and aid for airlines. This smaller plan is about $1 trillion less than their initial proposal, but still more than what the Trump administration has said it will accept.

Negotiations fell apart in early August, but Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Pelosi have agreed to restart talks.

In an interview with CNN, Pelosi said, “I trust Secretary Mnuchin to represent something that can reach a solution, and I believe we can come to an agreement… the President’s denial of the virus and just resistance to doing anything to crush it has made matters worse”.

Pelosi also stated that House Democrats would not leave Washington for re-election efforts until they restarted a push for a new stimulus package. There could be a vote on the new bill as soon as next week.

We will dissect the bill as soon as it is released. Stay tuned here and on our socials @ExtendPUA.

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