Oct 28 | Negotiations Standstill

This is a discouraging update so we will first say that we have not and will not stop fighting for relief.

As part of the SCOTUS debates process, Senator Schumer tried to bring HEROES to the Senate floor for a vote via unanimous consent. If one person opposes it, unanimous consent is not successful. Senator Thune of South Dakota opposed the motion.

Senator McConnell adjourned the Senate until November 9th moments after confirming Amy Comey Barrett to the SCOTUS.

The Senate can be brought back for a vote within 24 hours, but that would require there to be something to vote on and McConnell would have to take the action to call them back.

McConnell has been a primary obstruction to this process.

Yesterday, Pelosi wrote a letter to the Democrats in the House dashing most hope for a bill before the election. The White House has also put out separate interviews echoing the sentiment.

Pelosi says the primary point of contention is the language around how to properly combat the virus. There also seems to be differences in aid for state and local governments and Republican demands for liability protections for companies from COVID-19 related lawsuits.

Today in an interview she said, “What the president cares a lot about is the stock market,” Pelosi said on MSNBC. “As he sees the market react to the spread of the virus and sees the market react to the fact that we do not have an agreement – which could inject resources into the economy – hopefully now he will come to the table in a serious way.”

In a meeting with Rick Scott's office yesterday, his senior advisor told us she still thinks relief will pass before the end of the year, which we were surprised to hear from their office since he has not been a vocal supporter. There is still hope. There is still a path forward. e are continuing to advocate.

Don't forget to vote.

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