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Oct 20 | WH Deal Progresses

Speaker Pelosi's 24 hour deadline is upon us. It seems that setting a deadline effectively put pressure on the negotiations. According to Pelosi's Deputy Chief of Staff, Pelosi and Mnuchin had a conversation at 3pm today, made progress, and committee chairs are now working to resolve differences about funding levels and language ahead of another meeting between the two at 3pm tomorrow. Reports seem hopeful that a compromise actually may be reached.

Senator McConnell had previously said he wouldn't bring their negotiated bill to the floor.

Then this weekend he said he will bring it to the floor but he doesn't think its going to happen.

Now that it seems like it might actually happen, he said in the GOP luncheon today that he has told Trump not to come to a deal before the election. He also said that IF they do reach an agreement, he will bring it to the floor, but purposefully he did not specify WHEN he will bring it to the floor. Some worry he may wait until after the election. His delay is due to concern a relief bill will slow down the SCOTUS nomination.

Senator McConnell is the primary obstacle in this fight. Senators who stand with him are enabling that obstruction.

We need to talk to the members of his caucus and get them to speak out in favor of bringing the bill to the floor and voting yes on it.

As you know from our previous posts, McConnell planned to bring a PPP and a $500 billion COVID relief bill to the Senate floor this week.

Senate Democrats held a press conference today and said they would vote no on both of these items.

The PPP indeed did not pass the Senate today. The skinny COVID bill McConnell is bringing to a vote tomorrow is the exact same bill he brought to a vote in the Senate a month and it failed (contents here). He has made no attempt at compromise. This vote is likely to fail again according to, well, everyone.

The Senate Democrats also said in their press conference and on several of their Twitters (Ex: Schumer and Sanders) that they will be bringing HEROES 2.0 to a vote in the Senate. We are looking into the real possibility and likelihood of that move and will keep you updated.

What we can do at this point is pressure the Senate to bring either HEROES 2.0 or the negotiated Pelosi/Mnuchin bill to a vote and vote yes. What gives us some hope is that we have had meetings with 30 Senators at this point and all Democratic Senators, in addition to several GOP Senators, said they would vote yes on the $600 if it came to the floor. We will continue to pressure those Senators. Be sure to pressure yours. For resources on what you can do check

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