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Oct 18 | Coming This Week

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin spoke Saturday evening at 730pm for an hour according to Drew Hammill, Pelosi's Deputy Chief of Staff. On ABC's "This Week" Pelosi said she is awaiting some official language from the White House and has given them a 48 hour deadline on that language. She said 48 hours is all the time they have left to pass anything before the election and she is hopeful they can reach an agreement. Tuesday evening is her deadline.

On Sunday she made an official statement to her colleagues about the status of the negotiations with the White House, which is here.

Information on the current contents of the negotiations has not been disclosed, but you can find the contents of the 1.8 trillion dollar offer from the White House here and HEROES 2.0 here.

Update: CNET reports that the current negotiated bill looks like it may be 2.4 Trillion.

Separately, McConnell still has not joined the negotiations and is planning to hold another vote on the Senate's skinny bill proposal. Details on that are here. McConnell's tweet announcement of the bill is here. He has announced he will hold a vote in the Senate on a second round of PPP on Tuesday as a standalone measure and then on Wednesday he will bring his skinny bill to a vote in the Senate. So far, it doesn't sound like the new skinny bill will be much different than the last, if at all, but the full proposal has not been released yet. Here is the information on McConnell's last skinny bill. Again, currently it looks like this vote will be on the exact same bill.

In other news, 1.3 people filed new claims for unemployment last week. EPI wrote a piece based on that information, pushing the need for a relief bill. They also made an interactive map of jobless claims by stage.

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