Oct 13 | Senate Race Debates

Updated: Oct 19

Many of the Senators who are standing in the way of relief are up for re-election.

Senator McConnell, who has been the biggest road block to relief is one of those Senators and he debated his opponent, Amy McGrath last night. She advocated consistently for relief in the debate while McConnell blamed Schumer and Pelosi rather than taking any accountability or promising any further action.

If you are in a state where the Senator is up for re-election please watch the debates. You can find them here. Listen to what the candidates themselves offer you and vote based on that information.

Please vote. This is so important. We shouldn't have to fight this hard for relief. We shouldn't have to struggle like this in a global pandemic. The only way to fix that is to vote for lawmakers who will legislate for us instead of for corporations and their own interests. Many of the running Senators have shown that they do not care about us. They are standing in our way.

And take the next step by reaching out to people you know in states where these elections matter most and make sure they are going to vote and they are informed. Again, past and current Senate debates are free to watch on C-Span here.

For your information:

Senators we have personally met with who refused to endorse the $600 and are up for re-election:

Mitch McConnell (KY). *

Lindsey Graham (SC). *

Kelly Loeffler (GA) *

Martha McSally (AZ). *

Susan Collins (ME). * Cory Gardner (CO). *

Thom Tillis (NC). *

David Perdue (GA). *

John Cornyn (TX). *

Bill Cassidy (LA)

Other Senators who are up for re-election who have not come out in support of the $600 (many of these seats are less likely to flip):

Dan Sullivan (AK). *

Tom Cotton (AR)

Jim Risch (ID)

Joni Ernst (IA) *

Pat Roberts (KS). *

Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS)

Steve Daines (MT). *

Jim Inhofe (OK)

Mike Rounds (SD)

Shelley Moore Capito (WV)

Mike Enzi (WY)

(We'd love to set up meetings with those Senators - if you live in one of those states and would be willing to attend a virtual meeting please sign up at ExtendPUA.org/meet)

Senators with * are possible to flip.

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