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Nov 16 | Update

So where are we now?

The Senate returned to DC last week. The House returned this week.

Negotiations between the White House and Pelosi have ended; the White House has taken a step back and said that negotiations should be between McConnell and Pelosi now.

Pelosi, now joined more often by Schumer, is still pushing for HEROES. Many Democrats have joined then in a unified push for the Senate to bring HEROES to the floor.

McConnell has said that he thinks a relief bill needs to be done before the end of the year, but, because of the numbers in the jobs report, he doesn't think it needs to be a big bill. He is sticking to a number close to his skinny bill, around $500B. McConnell continues to obstruct relief. The jobs report indicates slowing recovery and he is spinning the facts to deny relief.

The GREAT thing though is that there is a massive amount of outcry about this on both sides of the aisle from elected officials (most notably from Democrats, but some Republicans have spoken out), the media, and the general public. Pandemic relief is being spoken about in earnest now and that's what is needed.

We have to continue pushing and our push has to focus on the fact that this need is urgent. We cannot wait until the Biden administration for relief. Comprehensive relief must be passed before the end of the year. PUA and PEUC expire at the end of December, meaning 13 million unemployed workers will lose all support. We cannot let this happen.

Call your Senators and your House Representative once a day. It will take you 5 minutes and it truly makes a difference; we are hearing the impact from the offices. Follow us on social media @ExtendPUA and check out for continued steps we can take.

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