Feb 12 | Meetings in AZ GA & NH

Updated: Feb 16

ExtendPUA.org had over 30 meeting with Senators in the fall of 2020, taking constituents to tell their stories and advocate for robust relief from their Senators. We pushed for reinstatement of the FPUC, additional weeks for all federal unemployment programs, rent relief, healthcare relief, small business relief, and more. Many of those demands were met in December and more are met in the Biden Rescue Plan, but both pieces of legislation leave major holes for unemployed and underemployed workers so we have begun holding more meetings.

The purpose of our 2021 meetings is to encourage the Senators to support the Biden Rescue Plan, but also to make it stronger. Our primary asks are:

  1. A direct payment to all unemployed and underemployed workers that compensates for the 5 months of government inaction (the retroactivity solution).