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Mar 24 | Tweet storm TOMORROW


TOMORROW, Thursday March 25th, is the anniversary of the passage of the CARES Act. We will be highlighting the stories of workers who have been unemployed this year and talking about what we still need in further legislation.

From 1-2pm ET Thursday we will be focusing on what a year of unemployment has been like. What government programs worked and what didn't. Share your story in that window tomorrow! Or share it in the comments here and we will tweet it out tomorrow.

From 2-3pm ET Thursday we will be focusing on what is still needed for unemployed folx in upcoming legislation. Tweet out what you need to survive this crisis in that window.

Please tweet with us or post on the social media of your choice. Use the hashtags #1YearUnemployed and #ProsperUS and tag us @ExtendPUA so we can amplify your story.

We will put out a reminder on social media tomorrow, but wanted to get you all thinking about it today. Thank you for joining us on this digital day of action!

And don't forget to share your story here and take action at

In Solidarity, The Team

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