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Mar 17 | The Time to Push For More Relief is Now

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

NOW is the time to make your voices on the next major pandemic bill.

The Ways and Means Committee and the Biden administration are already working on the American Recovery Plan. As we saw with the American Rescue Plan, anything that isn't initially included likely won't be added. Further unemployment relief is necessary for a full recovery.

Spend 15 minutes reaching out to Biden & your legislators. Start today. has gotten a refresh! We have all new actions and messaging based on the American Rescue Plan and the holes it leaves for unemployed workers.

We will be updating the rest of our actions throughout the week.

Spring 2021 strategy is at

We are also collecting stories on what a full year of unemployment has been like for people. We will be highlighting these, along with what workers still need, in an end of month campaign. Please share your story with us here.

Read our official statement on the American Rescue Plan here.

And then take some action!

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