July 30 | Short Term Extension Proposed

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Via Judy Conti, NELP

Republicans tried to propose short term extensions of FPUC -- Ron Johnson from WI tried first to move a short-term $200 supplement and it was blocked. Then Martha McSally tried to move a one week $600 extension but that too was blocked. The fact is, states have already turned off their programming for FPUC and a one week extension wouldn't have fixed the problem -- there would still be a lapse of at least two weeks in benefits due to how the state UI systems function.

The Democrats then tried to pass the HEROES Act in the Senate and that too was blocked.

The White House continues to talk about the need to extend unemployment benefits and how urgent that is along with protecting renters from evictions. They are clearly feeling the pressure. The biggest news out of the White House is that the President said he would sign a bill that did NOT include any sort of immunity guarantees for businesses. This is huge -- Mitch McConnell has said this is his red line not just for any bill, but to start any negotiations in earnest and the President just undercut him in a big way. 

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