Jan 24 | NYS Partial UI

On January 18th we had a huge WIN for unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers!

According to Governor Cuomo, Partial UI in NYS will now be based on hours worked, rather than days-worked, an important shift for workers who face underemployment. These changes go into effect TODAY when you are certifying. The systems have not been changed to reflect this new guidance yet so please check the DOL instructions for how you comply if you had partial work.

More information can be found here: https://dol.ny.gov/unemployment/partial-unemployment-eligibility

There is also still movement on a bill in the state Assembly and Senate that would improve these rules even further, but the timeline for implementation is longer.

A great team of experts, advocates, and affected workers has been fighting for this change since August. Congratulations to the NYS Partial UI Coalition!

From testifying at a NYS Congress hearing to speaking on a WCNY Panel on the issue, ExtendPUA has been honored to be a part of this fight & thrilled to see a plan to change these outdated rules.

ExtendPUA.org Co-Founder, Stephanie Freed's testimony at the NYS Assembly and Senate joint hearing and participation in a PBS WCNY panel can be found at ExtendPUA.org/amplify

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