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Feb 10 | Committee Progress

The Ways and Means Committee approved the unemployment provisions for upcoming COVID relief including $400 weekly FPUC and extension of other UI provisions through August 29, 2021 with additional weeks for all claims. No further losses, but no improvements either. We are not impressed.

A section by section breakdown is here.

Debate was difficult to watch with Republican members of the committee continuing to call unemployment a disincentive to work and push the messaging that it's "too much." None of them voted to pass the provisions. Democrats voted to pass the provisions, but did not advocate for them to be larger. Representative DelBene did mention that she will continue to fight for automatic triggers. (Good new data from the Federal Reserve on how the unemployment rate is inaccurate here - good for debates surround automatic triggers!)

Tomorrow the Ways and Means will "markup" tax credits & survival checks starting at 10am ET. You can watch here.

This will all move to the full House where it can be amended. It must also move through the Senate. This is NOT a passed bill or final.

Call your legislators:

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