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Dec 14 | Bipartisan Text

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The bipartisan relief package text has finally been released. It has nothing new or surprising from what we have learned over the last week. Unemployment measures remain the same.

-It will add an additional 16 weeks to all PUA and PEUC claims and extend the expiration into April.

-It will provide $300 FPUC starting December 26.

-The bill will waive overpayments as long as the overpayment was not the fault of the individual, which is exciting news. It also stipulates that people who apply for PUA in 2021 will have to provide documentation proof of employment.

One development is that they have separated the package into two bills. They pulled the two items of contention, namely: state and local government funding and liability protections, out into a separate bill. That means they can pass all of the rest of relief separately.

This relief must pass before the end of the week when Congress recesses for the rest of the year. They also must pass a spending bill to fund the government by the end of the week to avoid a government shut down. They may include the relief in that required bill. The outlook is looking hopeful. Pelosi has called for a meeting of the 4 Congressional leaders to finalize these bills today.

Our main takeaway is that:

  1. This bill must pass. The consequences of the loss of PUA and PEUC are too great.

  2. This bill is woefully in adequate and we will not stop advocating for more. The fight will continue.

Full text of the bill here. Unemployment insurance provisions start on page 157.

A 6 page summary is here.

One page summary below:

Further details on food and rental aid are here.

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