Dec 1 | McConnell proposal

Today we've seen a bipartisan proposal from members of the Senate, an Act extending unemployment from Democratic Senators, and a statement of talks between Pelosi and Mnuchin. Now, McConnell is weighing in.

He has said any COVID relief will be included in the government spending bill that must be passed by December 11. This is an attempt at limiting the spending on it. (Source: The Hill)

He has said relief needs to pass before 2021 and that it needs to be targeted.

Basics of his proposal:

-It includes liability protections and promotes people going back to work.

-It extends PUA and PEUC by one month and then phases it out (with no new claims allowed) over the next 2 months. It adds additional requirements of proof to PUA claims.

-It includes a second round of PPP ($258B)

-$15B - a grant program for live entertainment venues

-$15B child care

-$31B for vaccine

-$20B in farm assistance

-$500M for fishers

-$10B USPS loan

He released this statement to his Republican colleagues, detailing the contents of his proposal.

GOP Targeted Relief 12-1-2020 (1)
Download PDF • 252KB does not endorse this bill.

Call your Senators.

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