Aug 15 | Relief Negotiations and the $300 LWA

Updated: Aug 29

First, we would like to thank the NYS Senate and Assembly for inviting us to speak at the Joint Hearing on COVID Workforce Issues. We found the conversation to be very informative and productive and we felt heard. We expect swift action from the Legislature on the Partial UI rule. We also garnered support from several NYS legislators.

As for the Federal Government...

Relief Negotiations Updates:

Both the Senate and the House are on recess and not scheduled to return to DC until September 14. Either can be called back for a vote should negotiations produce something for them to vote on.

Pelosi is floating the idea of calling the House back early to deal with the Postal Service crisis.

A group of Representatives from the House formed a "Problem Solvers Caucus" to try to advance negotiations of a relief bill. They met with WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows this yesterday.

The group consists of Reps. Josh Gottheimer, D-NJ, Abigail Spanberger, D-VA, Dean Phillips, D-MN, Jimmy Panetta, D-CA, Tom Reed, R-NY, Anthony Gonzalez, R-OH and Pete Stauber, R-MN.


Trump's Memorandum Updates:

The US Department of Labor issued a memorandum this week explaining that states could choose whether to contribute an additional $100 a week to the unemployed from their coronavirus relief funds. Essentially meaning, the supplement in most, if not all, states will officially only be $300.

South Dakota is the first state to outright decline the federal supplement of $300 because according to the Governor, "they don't need it". Their unemployment rate is still above 7%.

Four states Governors have applied for and been "approved" for the federal funds Trump's memorandum calls for to supplement unemployment claims. Those states are: AZ, IA, LA, and NM. This announcement comes from a Tweet from Trump's account.

How official this approval is and if and how it will be implemented is still unclear.

Arizona will not be providing the additional $100. The max benefit in AZ WITH the $300 is $540.

Louisiana has not announced whether they will provide the additional $100 or not.

"We are aware of and appreciate the President’s approval of Louisiana’s participation in the UI program and are looking forward to receiving the final guidance on the program and who is eligible for these payments," said Christina Stephens, a spokesperson for the governor's office, in an email. 

“This is a temporary solution, as funds are limited, and I am still calling on Congress to act. However, as soon as these funds are available to us, we will move quickly to pay them out,” Governor Edwards said.

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