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PUA and PEUC are expiring December 26, leaving 12 million Americans with no assistance if the federal government doesn't act to extend these programs.

AM I LOSING MY Unemployment benefits?





Unemployment Insurance

If you are in your first 26 weeks of regular UI: you will still receive UI, that does not expire.


Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

This is an additional 13 weeks of UI added by the CARES Act. If you are in your additional 13 weeks of PEUC: that expires Dec 26 no matter where you are in those weeks.


Extended Benefits

Some states have Extended Benefits. These are additional weeks after PEUC for traditional UI claims - the number of weeks (either 13 or 20) varies by state.

EB is NOT tied to the federal date of expiration, it is based on each state’s unemployment rate. If your state's EB is triggered on, you will still receive benefits when PEUC expires. Check if your state's EB benefits are "on" in the last column of this chart from the DOL and see predictions about the end of the year in this study. Many states EB benefits have already triggered off.



Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

This is unemployment insurance for those who are not eligible for regular UI. If you are on PUA: that expires Dec 26, no matter how many weeks you have left.

Full pandemic UI acronym breakdown Here.

TCF's State by state breakdown here.

DOL's State by state breakdown of eb benefits here.

(The last column on the chart)

Article from leading UI expert Michele Evermore on what happens if your benefits are expiring here.

Demand the government extend these necessary programs.

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