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It's Wednesday September 16th

We're sorry we missed a few daily posts. Kicking Senate meeting week off was a bit hectic! We had an amazing meeting with

Senator Ron Wyden

and 8 Oregon workers and small business owners last night where he committed to working with us every day on a message to hammer home on the hill.


1. We signed the Rescue Agreement. Have you?

2. Sign up for a meeting with your Senator.

3. Call your Senator today.

4. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper. We have a template here:

In solidarity, always,

The Team

We will continue to fight for comprehensive pandemic relief for all people, but we acknowledge true relief will only come when all people are safe and secure, both from this pandemic, and with the eradication of systemic racism and the horrendous brutality it is perpetuating.


Organizations to support and amplify*

*These organizations are not all directly connected to


Support the arts in COVID legislation


Music Workers Alliance

Musicians describe their need for FPUC extension

James Beard


Open For Good Campaign for the Restaurant Industry

National independent venue association

National independent Talent Association

Support the Save Our Stages Act for venues

Support the ReStart Act for venues

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