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The President is needed to make the bill a law


On August 5th Mitch McConnell suggested that if Trump would approve the full $600 FPUC extension, McConnell would go along with it "even though he didn't agree with it." 

That, and the fact that a President has to sign any bill to make it into law, was our original reason for making this page.


Due to "failed negotiations" between his staff: Steven Mnuchin (WH Secretary of the Treasury - @stevenmnuchin1) and Mark Meadows (Chief of Staff - @MarkMeadows), and Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi...

Trump has announced a series of Executive Orders that DO NOT meet the needs of the people AND are questionable in legality.  More on that here.

Contact President Trump today to demand that he send his staff back to the negotiating room to come to a real solution for comprehensive pandemic relief for the people.  

The White House suggests the fastest way to contact the President is by using this form. 

We have additional ways at the bottom of this page.

Tips for Tweeting

We previously recommended calling the White House but the President has since closed down the comment line. In lieu of calling, we now recommend that you make your concerns HEARD on Twitter, by Tweeting directly at the President. Please keep in mind that tweets that are deemed "harassment" or "threatening" can trigger secret service response. For this reason, please do not use vulgar language or allude to any physical actions when tweeting at Trump. Here are a prewritten tweets:

pre-composed Tweets

Hey, @RealDonaldTrump, we are not falling for this political theatre. Send @stevenmnuchin1 and @MarkMeadows back into negotiations and pass real relief for The People. We're watching. #ExtendFPUC @ExtendPUA #ExpandPUA #SaveThe600

.@POTUS @RealDonaldTrump, our inability to return to work is solely because there is a raging PANDEMIC that is claiming more lives today than when you signed CARES. Get back to the negotiating table and pass comprehensive pandemic relief NOW. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

Hey @RealDonaldTrump, your EO does not meet the needs of the people. The only answer is a bill negotiated with Congress. @stevenmnuchin1 & @MarkMeadows "couldn't do it". But they work for you, right? Make it happen. @ExtendPUA #ExtendFPUC #SaveThe600

Adapt any of our new Senator tweets about the Executive Order for the President here.

Pre-EO Tweets that you can still use:

Hey, @RealDonaldTrump, we just wanted to remind you that the heroic thing to do in a pandemic is to take care of those in your country who can't go to work and give protections to those who have to. Extend FPUC in full. #ExtendFPUC @ExtendPUA #ExpandPUA #SaveThe600

Hey, @RealDonaldTrump, a deal is the only answer. 75% of registered votes agree with extending and expanding UI benefits. The only path towards a stable economy is a relief bill with FULL $600 FPUC extension until January. #ExtendFPUC @ExtendPUA #ExpandPUA #SaveThe600

Smart guys look at facts, @RealDonaldTrump. Here's an important one: COVID numbers are higher in daily deaths and infections than they were when CARES passed. You already passed CARES. Be the hero you say you are and pass HEROES. #ExtendFPUC @ExtendPUA #ExpandPUA #SaveThe600


The White House
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