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Dubai Land Department Transactions 2022

The Dubai Land Department Transactions 2022 (DLD) is the government body responsible for the registration of all real estate transactions in the Emirate of Dubai. The DLD is responsible for the regulation, supervision and registration of all real estate related transactions, including sales, leases and mortgages. In 2022, the DLD will continue to prioritize the safety, security and convenience of all real estate transactions in the Emirate. The DLD will implement the latest technologies and international standards to provide the highest quality of service for the community. The DLD will continue to provide an online portal for all real estate transactions, allowing customers to quickly and easily complete their transactions without the need to visit a physical office. The DLD will also continue to monitor and inspect real estate transactions to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The DLD will also continue to provide educational and awareness programmes for real estate professionals and the public in order to ensure that all parties involved in real estate transactions are well informed and aware of their rights and obligations. Furthermore, the DLD will continue to work with the government and its partners to develop strategies to improve the real estate sector in the Emirate, such as introducing new regulations and policies to ensure the highest level of transparency and accountability in real estate transactions.



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