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Dubai Real Estate Market Overview

The dubai real estate market overview is on a strong recovery path, following the downturn in the market during the global financial crisis. The real estate market in Dubai is experiencing a steady growth in demand, due to the city's growing population, attractive rental yields and attractive prices. The city is now a major hub for foreign investment, particularly in the luxury real estate market. Property prices in Dubai have been rising steadily since the start of the year, with the trend expected to continue into 2020. The market is being driven by strong demand from both foreign and domestic buyers, with the government offering a range of incentives to attract more buyers. Demand for luxury apartments has been particularly strong, with many investors looking to capitalize on the city's booming tourism industry and its strong economy. The government has also introduced a range of initiatives to make the market more attractive to investors, such as offering a range of tax incentives and other incentives to encourage foreign investors. The outlook for the Dubai real estate market is positive, with growth expected to continue over the next few years.



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