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Aug 18 | Republicans' "Skinny" Bill

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Senate Republicans have been circulating a draft of a new "skinny" bill. It is only $500 Billion in spending and they claim it is to "help American families".

The bill's priorities can be summarized without even reading it:

ONLY TWO out of 169 pages address Assistance for American Families. 2 sections and one is the title.

There are 16 sections on "Liability Relief".

which accounts for 63 pages, about 33% of the whole bill.

There is a page and a half for USPS.

The rest is for small businesses.

Also, because we DID read it...

The two pages for "Assistance for American Families" CUT the FPUC $600 to $300 starting July 31 and end the program on December 27. It offers no other assistance. No extension or expansion of PUA, no hazard pay, no healthcare relief, no rent relief.

This bill is NOT For The People and claims that it is are lies.

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