Call Your senator.

Ring, Ring. Pandemic Phone.

1. Find your Senator's Number.

Use our Database to do it

Want to call their local office?  Those phone numbers are here.

2. Use this script to help you stay on point.

Calling your senator is easy and low pressure.

A staff member will answer your phone call or you will be sent to leave a voicemail.

Keep your call short and concise so more people can get through and BE KIND to these staffers, even if they work for a Senator that it not being kind to us. Kindness goes a long way in getting them to listen and actually send along the message.  Make sure you read this script and fill in the gray bits before calling!

"Hello. My name is (your name) and I am a constituent from (your zip code).  
Thank you so much for taking my call. 

(We strongly encourage you to insert a sentence or two about your personal story here. What your job was, what will happen to you without $600 or without UI, or if you're an essential worker, what your experience has been.) 

The $600 is incredibly important to me and millions of others.

We need Congress and the White House to finish negotiations and put a real solution out immediately. 

As a constituent, I need the Senator to publicly demand that the negotiated bill or HEROES 2.0 is brought to the Senate floor for a vote before the election. And I need the Senator to vote yes on this incredibly important piece of legislation. Skinny bills aren't enough; we need a comprehensive pandemic relief bill, with a focus on The People and we need the $600. Millions of us are in incredibly desperate situations. We need our Senator to be loud about this for us. It should be the Senator's first priority. 

(Feel free to say what you see from the Senator in the next few days will affect your vote here if your Senator is up for reelection.)

Thank you for listening. I really appreciate your support.”

You can stop there or feel free to include something from the talking points, or any of the rest of the items on our mission that you support.

Other Call Points

Use these to help further guide your call

  • We MUST expand FPUC at the full $600 until the pandemic is over, expand PUA to those currently excluded, support state agencies to pay out backlogged claims, and provide: hazard pay and protections for front-line workers, healthcare relief for all, rent and mortgage relief, and long term small-business and venue support.



  • Extend FPUC until the pandemic is over and further expand who is eligible for UI.  Give unemployment benefits to working people who have been excluded, and job seekers without prior work history, like students and recent graduates.​

  • Fund and support states’ government agencies to strengthen their unemployment systems so they can process backlogged and new cases immediately. 


  • ​Offer comprehensive relief to front-line workers and people in disproportionately affected face-to-face industries including restaurants, hospitality, travel, fitness, arts, events, and entertainment.

  • Extend health care relief including:

    • 100% subsidy for the COBRA program to protect workers’ healthcare, and extension of eligibility to 36 months.  

    • Expansion of Medicaid and requiring, not just allowing, all states to extend Medicaid coverage for testing for COVID-19 to the uninsured.  

    • A continued open enrollment period until the pandemic is over for all people to access or change their health insurance based on their new financial situations.


  • Allow all non-profits fair access to government economic support in the Paycheck Protection Program – including labor unions.​


  • Offer comprehensive rent and mortgage relief. ​

  • Provide an actionable response to the COVID-19 pandemic that reigns in states who are losing control and actually flattens the curve.

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