• Extend the full $600/wk FPUC (which expired July 25).  

  • Expand eligibility for PUA and associated UI until the pandemic is over.

  • Offer comprehensive relief to front-line workers and people in disproportionately affected industries.


Consequences are dire for millions of People THE LONGER THE Senate stalls.


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It’s imperative we text people in those states and get them to call their Senators.

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Daily Actions

Items that need amplification Today

  • New York: There is a Make Billionaires Pay March this Sunday. 

  • Request your absentee ballot.

  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper. Senators care deeply about press in their home states. And you can attract some people to the movement as well! We can provide you with guidelines and we have proofreaders to edit for you.

  • Volunteer with us this weekend. We have a few projects we need to complete and could use some help. DM us for details.

  • The Senate should NOT be leaving DC without a relief bill. Let them know. #ReliefBeforeRecess

  • Trump is threatening Executive Orders, when he should be encouraging his team to negotiate. Let him know

  • Share ExtendPUA.org and @ExtendPUA. Grow our community so we can increase our pressure.

  • Check our late night Friday post on Instagram of Arguments Against the $600 and why they're Garbage. You can download the slides and share your favorites. Tag @Extendpua



  • Schumer and Pelosi offered a 2 trillion dollar compromise and Meadows and Mnuchin refused it before even talking specifics. Mnuchin and Meadows created the stall and then said they’d be pushing Trump to make executive orders because of the stall.

  • Senators and Representatives have been sent home on their recess, but “will be called back for a vote”. This is infuriating; it completely ignores the urgency of the issue. Congress needs to be in DC feeling the heat, just like the American public.

  • Trump spent the day golfing in New Jersey and then gave a press conference at 7pm where he read a script threatening executive orders. The EO threats do mean he is feeling the pressure. Keep it up.

  • Here are the handles: @stevenmnuchin1 @MarkMeadows @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS


Thank you so much for all of your calls and shares this week. Our voices are being heard.

- The ExtendPUA.org Team


Organizations to support and amplify*

*These organizations are not directly connected to ExtendPUA.org... we just like 'em.


Support the arts in COVID legislation


Music Workers Alliance

Musicians describe their need for FPUC extension

James Beard


National independent venue association

Open For Good Campaign for the Restaurant Industry

Support the ReStart Act for venues

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